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Car Short Throw Shifters

Car Short Throw Shifters

Car short throw shifters help you reduce the long throw of your factory shifters. Car short throw shifters allow more close and precise shifts giving you the ability for quicker gear changing. Meaning faster power deliver in your car. Shifters are often overlooked but can be an easy and affordable way to improve your car for benefits on and off a track. The car short throw shifters help you go into gear quicker giving you better access to your power which is an advantage for both racer and daily driver. Car short throw shifters have such a great reward in just allowing you a slight flick of the wrist or slight arm movement instead of a long arm extension throw. The long throw of you car shifter could be because of a worn shifter or simply the factory placement of your car shifter. Do you want your car short throw shifters to be shorter at the track and a bit longer for street driving? Then get the adjustable car short throw shifters. The Adjustable car short throw shifters allow you to change the length of the throw by adjusting the height. Adjustable car short throw shifters also are made of a durable steel alloy which due to the extra weight of the steel add better shifting action than aluminum and are stronger. Car short throw shifters are an improvement for you and will be noticed every time you drive your car.
DC Sports Short Throw Shift Lever and Adapter KitpadShifters, Adjustable ThrowpadShifters, Short Throw (non adjustable)
DC Sports Short Throw Shift Lever and Adapter Kitpad pad Shifters, Adjustable Throwpad pad Shifters, Short Throw (non adjustable)pad
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