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Load Equalizer (each) 6-ohm/25-watt ceramic resistor

Load Equalizer (each) 6-ohm/25-watt ceramic resistor [MP# 625-LE]

Load Equalizers are used to correct fast flash, cruise control, over drive and other problems sometimes associated with running L.E.D. bulbs. Always test all vehicle operations before and after installing L.E.D. bulbs to determine if you need Load Equalizers. L.E.D.s pull very little current, similar to a blown bulb. Vehicles that will not operate normally with blown bulbs or L.E.D. bulbs will require a pair of Jam Strait 625-LE or 650-LE Load Equalizers for normal operation. See requirements (link here). We've not come across a case where LE's are required on running lights, 194's, 1895's, 5mm's, or dome lights. No vehicle modifications or wire cutting required. All models come with self-splicing squeeze connectors, drawing, and instructions for quick and easy installation. If after installation the problem persist, verify LE's are getting warm during L.E.D. bulb operation. If they aren't, either the squeeze connectors aren't making good connection or they are connected to one or more wrong wire. Usually, it's the outside two wires on 3156 and 3157 sockets (see drawing on package). If they are getting warm, but problem persist with running lights on, then you probably have them connected to running light instead of ground.
Load Equalizer (each) 6-ohm/25-watt ceramic resistorPart #: Y000_JAM625LE-SYpadList Price: $4.42Our Price: $4.42pad Item ships to Military APO / FPO and P.O. Box addresses
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