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Car Exhaust Systems:<br> Cat back, Headers, Mufflers, Downpipes<br> X-Pipe, H-Pipe, Rear Sections<br>Sports Exhaust

Car Exhaust Systems: Cat back, Headers, Mufflers, Downpipes, X-Pipe, H-Pipe, Rear Sections, Sports Exhaust

The Factory Car Exhaust Systems pipe is usually small in diameter. The large quantity of sharp bends leading to the rear end of the car create back pressure throughout the exhaust system, suffocating your engine and robbing your truck of horsepower and gas mileage. We sell all exhaust systems including high performance exhaust systems. Our exhaust system pipes have a larger diameter than stock exhaust pipes. By replacing your original exhaust system you can increase your horsepower up to 10%, add an attractive chrome look, and give your car a unique rich sound.

Exhaust headers and Exhaust manifolds are designed with circular steel tubing that bend and fold. This creates a path from each cylinder's exhaust port to the common outlet of equal length. The path is joined at narrow angles to encourage pressure waves that flow through the outlet, not back in the direction of the other cylinders. This helps receiving the maximum horsepower your engine can produce. Exhaust Headers that connect the pipes are carefully calculated to enhance exhaust flow in a particular engine RPM range.

Header-back (or header back) refers to the portion of the exhaust system from the outlet of the header, that go to the final vent, in turn opens the air flow from the header back. Header-back systems are generally produced as aftermarket performance systems for cars without turbochargers.

Cat-back, or cat back and catback, refer to the portion of the exhaust system from the outlet of the catalytic converter to the final vent to open air. This generally includes the pipe from the converter to the muffler, the muffler itself, and the final length of pipe to open air. We carry Cat-back aftermarket performance exhaust systems, with a larger diameter pipe than the stock system. If you are not sure what cat-back or full exhaust system you need for your car please call our exhaust professionals at 1-800-819-6503.

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