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Chevrolet Malibu RideTech Non-Adjustable Rear ShockWave Kit - 11225409

Chevrolet Malibu RideTech Non-Adjustable Rear ShockWave Kit - 11225409

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    Chevrolet Malibu RideTech Non-Adjustable Rear ShockWave Kit - 11225409
  • Fits: 1964-1972 Chevrolet Malibu (A-Body)
  • Non Adj. Series rear ShockWaves for 64-72 GM "A" Body.

    The Non Adjustable ("NA") series is a great entry level solution. It still retains all the mounting and installation advantages of the other shock series. With fixed shock valving, the NA series is designed to optimize ride quality, leaving out the guess work.

  • Fixed shock valving designed to optimize ride quality
  • Aluminum impact forged construction provides leak free operation
  • A great option for increasing ride quality and performance on a budget
  • Monotube design


    Since its introduction in 1999, the ShockWave has proven to be the most significant development in air suspensions... ever! In the summer of 2003, two United States patents were granted concerning the design and function of the ShockWave.

    What does this mean to you, the customer?

    It means RideTech is the inventor of this technology, not an imitator. It also means that we will continue to develop and refine new variations of the ShockWave to meet your specific needs.

    The ShockWave mounts like a coilover and replaces the coilspring with an adjustable air spring for a huge range of tuning options. It provides a simple, hightech way to provide the ultimate in adjustable suspension design. With more options than ever, the ShockWave is the foundation for a RideTech air suspension.

  • The ShockWave uses premium impact forged monotube shocks available in several styles of adjustability for performance.

  • Mounting of the ShockWave is typically a bolt in affair with little or no modification or fabrication needed.

  • With an air suspension you have a huge range of tuning ability for load capacity and spring rate at your fingertips.

  • Lower and raise the vehicle quickly for a unique look without sacrificing any drivability or durability.

  • Using the same high quality rubber that 18 wheelers use on today's highways, the airspring will last for many years.

  • By eliminating an outboard mounted shock, tire clearance at full steering lock is greatly improved on some applications.

    Our name has changed, and the shape of our icon, but behind the new look we are the same company. Air Ride Technologies is RideTech: the same owners, same staff, and most importantly, the same passion for performance.

    We do the vast majority of our manufacturing in-house. We do the research and development, CAD drawings, prototyping, CNC machining, CNC tube bending, jig welding, shock assembly and dynoing, airspring crimping and burst testing, and final assembly all within our facility in Jasper, IN. This way we have complete control over every aspect of design, quality and delivery. This is one reason why our backorder rate is virtually ZERO.

Professional Installation is Recommended.

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Fits: 1964-1972 Chevrolet Malibu (A-Body)
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Chevrolet Malibu RideTech Non-Adjustable Rear ShockWave Kit - 11225409 by RideTech by Air Ride is a great product to add to your car. If you have any questions about Chevrolet Malibu RideTech Non-Adjustable Rear ShockWave Kit - 11225409 by RideTech by Air Ride feel free to call us anytime and a sales representative will be happy to assist you!