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Performance Parts

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 Performance Parts

Performance Parts

If you are looking for performance gains, then you need performance parts.

These will help gain horsepower and torque and improve 0-60, quarter-mile and overall lap times. Gains can be made in many different ways and we have a selection of parts to help your car, truck or SUV speed up.

For vehicles that want increased performance for little money, throttle body spacers are a good start. These help the air coming into the vehicle to spin. This creates a vortex that speeds up the airflow, aiding in power delivery and air/fuel mixture combustion.

By reducing the friction generated by the drive belts, under drive pulleys help to reduce rotational mass, thereby increasing horsepower and helping to promote lower and smoother idle speeds. The belts on the vehicle all help to produce power to the starter, alternator and A/C units. By making the pulleys lighter, these units will use less power and that means more power can be routed to the wheels. Not only do we offer under drive pulleys for the crank, we also have them for the alternator and water pump. An underdrive pulley is an affordable and great way to get constant horsepower, some better gas mileage, and keep your car running strong.

For cars we have other options as well. Short throw shifters are an inexpensive way of making your car quicker without having to resort to power gaining options. A short throw shifter helps you reduce the throw of the gearshift and results in faster shift times and thus aids in faster times at the track. We carry adjustable (height and throw) and non-adjustable shifters.

The performance parts selection we pride ourselves on, doesn't stop there!

AEM Tru-Time adjustable cam gears give you more horsepower without having to resort to replacing the stock camshafts. These are great for engines that are milled, have forced induction or already have after market camshafts. They enable the user to match the cam timing with the cars state of tune by advancing or retarding the cam profile in one-degree increments. The precision-cut teeth make sure that there is no premature wearing of the belt surface. These are the perfect complement for anyone who wants the best performance gains without having to change the camshafts.

For the most bang for your buck, and people who want to have the fastest car or truck around, StreetBeatCustoms.com has nitrous systems to fit your ride. A nitrous system works by injecting nitrous oxide into the engine to make the combustion cycle in the engine work overtime. This will dramatically increase your horsepower anywhere from 35-150 depending on the size of your engine. Nitrous systems are the ultimate in big horsepower.

Check out the full range of performance parts products available for your car. Whether you want to go fast for a little or a lot, StreetBeatCustoms.com has the power options you need to do it.

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StreetBeatCustoms.com carries the largest selection of Performance Parts for your car, truck, or SUV. Checkout our car Performance Parts, truck Performance Parts, and SUV Performance Parts. We have been in the custom and aftermarket car parts and accessories business for over 15 years and have made it our mission to provide you the best products at the lowest prices.