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Universal NOS 05130NOS Single Fogger Nitrous Wet Kit

Universal NOS 05130NOS Single Fogger Nitrous Wet Kit

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NOS 05130NOS

NOS Power Fogger EFI
Nitrous Oxide System

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:   Nitrous Oxide System, EFI, Wet, 35-50-75 HP, 10 lb. Bottle, Blue, L4/V6, Kit

A quick 35-125 horsepower in a wet system.
If there isn't a specific NOS kit available for your ride, you'll want to check out NOS PowerFogger EFI nitrous-oxide systems. These wet-type setups can give you a hefty power boost -- from 35 to 125 horsepower, depending on the engine. They rely on NOS' "Soft-Plume" stainless-steel fogger nozzles and come complete with everything you need. They include the bottle and mounting brackets, Soft-Plume nozzle, stainless-braided hoses, fittings, jets, relays, solenoids, wiring, switches, and mounting hardware. Premium unleaded or racing fuel required. Do not use aftermarket chips or devices that advance timing, which can lead to detonation.

Jets provided for 35-50-75 HP for 4 and 6 Cylinder.  This kit can be jetted to provide higher HP levels and can be used for 8cyl applications.

Complete with black plastic bottle brackets.

Installation Notes

The EFI kits are designed for use with engines that are basically stock. A stock fuel pump should be adequate, however many pumps decline performance over the years and it is important to have a fuel pump that meets NEW specs. Use only premium grade pump gasoline (92+ octane) or unleaded racing fuel. In many instances, a high output ignition and free–flowing exhaust system may benefit performance. Do not use aftermarket chips or other devices that advance ignition timing, as detonation may occur.
  • Nitrous System
  • Universal
  • Exclusive NOS “Soft-Plume” Stainless steel Fogger nozzle producing the finest and safest fuel/nitrous mixture
  • NOS 10-pound blue bottle w/ brackets & high flow bottle valve
  • Industry-leading instruction manual
  • 35-50-75 horsepower jetting for 4&6 cyl. kits
  • Micro switch, safety relays and all other components are included for a simple installation
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Universal NOS 05130NOS Single Fogger Nitrous Wet Kit by NOS is a great product to add to your car. If you have any questions about Universal NOS 05130NOS Single Fogger Nitrous Wet Kit by NOS feel free to call us anytime and a sales representative will be happy to assist you!