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Carbon Fiber, Steel and Fiberglass Hoods

Carbon Fiber Hoods, Euro Hoods and Cowl Induction Hoods give the styling change and functionality hoods can provide. The style of Hoods can change from plain to dang with the adding scoops or a cowl rise. The cowl rise and scoops and to airflow, scoops bringing in air and cowl rise allowing the escape of hot air. Hoods come in a three types of materials, steel, fiberglass which can have functional scoops worked in, and carbon fiber, a light weight material that can be shown off with out paint is extremely durable. Hoods can even involve adding a hood scoop to the stock hood thus giving a new styling cue without changing the factory hoods. Changing hoods is a simple modification. The hoods usually get painted then installed in place of the factory hoods with new hardware. Hoods add style and flare to any car and truck with out any loss. Hoods are durable and made to switch out with factory hoods. Hoods can get you noticed from across the street. Euro Hoods, Cowl Induction Hoods and Carbon Fiber Hoods allow small changes that make a big look and a new presence for the car and truck that get the Euro Hoods, Cowl Induction Hoods and Carbon Fiber Hoods.

Protecting your engine is only the primary goal of the hood. It also serves as a major area of focus for the eye. It is the one part of your car that you see most readily as you drive, and should serve as eye candy for both the driver and passersby. The hood is one of the easiest modifications to undertake and requires very little mechanical know-how to replace.

We stock many different makes, styles and materials of hoods for many makes of cars. Carbon fiber, steel and fiberglass hoods are offered and all have different characteristics. A steel hood is most closely related to the stock hood in terms of material, but doesn’t have to be anywhere close to the style that came with the car.

StreetBeatCustoms.com stocks cowl induction hoods in steel for many makes of cars and trucks. Cowl induction hoods feature a raised center piece toward the windshield that acts as a vacuum for removing hot air from under the hood. This means that the car will run cooler and cool off faster.

Fiberglass hoods offer a wide array of scoops and bulges that will accent and upgrade the existing look of the car. A scoop will enable air to enter the engine bay, thus cooling it down. Fiberglass hoods are easily replaced, easily modified and have the benefit of weighing less than steel.

Carbon fiber hoods are very hot right now and have added benefits over both steel and fiberglass. The main benefit to fitting a carbon fiber hood is weight savings. Carbon fiber weighs significantly less than either steel or fiberglass. What this means is that the weight of the car will be less at the front and that helps with the weight distribution of the vehicle. If the weight of the car or the truck is closer to 50:50, the car or truck becomes more nimble. Another benefit of saving weight is gas mileage. A car that weighs less will get better gas mileage. Carbon fiber is also a stronger material than steel or fiberglass. Its material is unmatched for strength. This material also gives the buyer the option to paint or not paint. A plain carbon fiber hood makes any car eye-catching. Besides simply saving weight, carbon fiber is the hood to have. No matter what car or truck you drive, if you have a carbon fiber hood, you will get noticed.

StreetBeatCustoms.com offers hoods from such manufacturers as APC, Matrix, TYC and more. A hood can add the flare you are looking for without any loss in performance or drivability no matter what type of car or truck you drive.

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