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Air Intakes

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 Air Intakes

Air Intakes

If you’re looking to upgrade your performance with a cold air intake, you’ll be faces with a lot of options. One of the most popular choices people have found to produce real results is the K&N cold air intake. There are other out there that do perform on the same level as the K and N air intake, such as the Volant cold air intake, the RAM air intake and the Fujta Cold air intake. They are all good choices and all of the cold air intake systems we have will improve your air flow somewhat. Whether it’s a cool air intake, short ram air intake or an Air Raid intake style setup; each cold air intake we have is a cinch to install.

The Injen Cold air intake setup is one of the best choices we offer and is popular among all different types of car enthusiasts. It’s pretty hard to beat a K&n air intake and the original setups they offered were simply a replacement air filter that allows more air to pass. Over time, Kn air intakes emerged and that triggered other brands like AEM cold air intake system, Iceman cold air intakes and other cold air intake kits. They are all very similar, but some do offer a better fitment than others on various cars.

Air intake kits are one of the first upgrades people usually make. For instance the AEM cold air intake system usually comes with the air intake hose, the couplers, the fittings and filter. Some of our cold air intakes even come with extra air intake tubing and a air intake heat shield. The k&n cold air intake has evolved from being just a filter to now having the option of purchasing the entire k&n cold air intake system w/ pipe, couplings and all.

We offer a full line of air intakes for your car or truck. Replacing and upgrading your air intake is one of the first modifications people usually make to your engine. Air is one of the three main ingredients in producing more power in any combustion engine: AIR, FUEL and SPARK. An improved air intake will allow more air to get into the system; also supplying cooler air for your engine ' both of which are benefits to efficiency and power increases.

Stock air boxes are restrictive, smaller and often house a filter which is also restrictive. After market air intakes are bigger and allow for a higher density of air to pass and make its way to the combustion chamber. So if you want to increase horsepower or scrape up a few extra miles per gallon, air intakes are an inexpensive, yet productive modification that really yields results. One of the best things you can do for your ride is pick up a k&n cold air intake. Of all of the models we offer, the k&n cold air intake is probably the most sought after due to its reputation and proven durability.

Air intakes usually come in two different versions and we offer a full line of both. Short ram and cold-air intakes come in all shapes and sizes to accommodate your engine bay. They are custom built to produce performance gains while no major modifications have to be made in order to install them or support them. A cold air intake is a system designed to have the filter (located at the end of the intake tube) mounted as far away from the engine itself. This is done in an effort to keep the air inside the intake cool and prevent it from negatively effected by the engine's heat.

Sometimes, when engine bays have limited space or simply for personal preference, a short ram filter may be used. The same technology is utilized with short ram intakes, but the intake itself (from the end filter to the intake manifold) is substantially shorter. Both intakes yield benefits, a menacing sound when under acceleration and can provide an aesthetically pleasing alternative to the stock air box. Air intakes are constructed of aluminum and are typically accompanied by a washable filter. They are designed to be a direct bolt-on application and can be installed by even the novice tuner.

Though people love the k&n cold air intake, there are many options available. Intakes do differ for different makes and models, but several colors and styles are available depending on your preference, color scheme and overall performance goals. Our intakes are carefully constructed with high quality materials to ensure that no heat gets in and no cool air gets out on the way to your intake manifold. Take a look around the store to find the appropriate set up for your application.

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