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Acura Suspension

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Acura Suspension

Acura Suspension

Your Acura suspension should be the best it can be, and the only way to do that is to make it handle better. New Acura suspension components will help it do that and StreetBeatCustoms.com carries a great selection of suspension components for you to choose from including: shocks, springs, coilover kits, strut bars, sway bars and alignment kits.

Acura Shocks are a basic upgrade and will smooth out the bumps and potholes that you encounter on a daily basis. KYB, Tokico and McGaughys are some of the shocks we carry for your Acura and they are a great first upgrade.

Acura KYB adjustable shocks are great for your comfort or handling needs. They feature manually-adjustable four- or eight-stage dampering levels that are easily adjusted with a knob on the top of each shock.

Acura Tokico shocks are non-adjustable, but feature pre-set damper levels to allow for a sporty and supple ride. McGaughys are universal and are made to be simple to put on and work with the stock components instantly. All shocks lower the vehicle a certain amount and work fine with stock components.

To fine tune your shocks, fit some new springs. Names like Progress, Eibach, H&R and Sprint fill our catalog. Some of the Acura springs feature progressive spring rates, making them stiffer as they compress vs. fixed-rate springs that are set at one constant rate no matter how hard you drive them. Progressive rate springs are both more comfortable when cruising, and can turn sportier when really pushing it. All springs will drop the ride height of your vehicle and the amount of drop is up to you.

If you want something close to stock, choose a drop that is not as severe. For the ultimate drop, choose springs that get you as close to the blacktop as you can handle.

Acura coilover kits are the perfect complement for your car. If you are looking for the ultimate in handling and looks, then look no more. Coilover kits feature both the spring and shock in one package and replace the entire unit as a whole. This allows for a greater degree of adjustability than a shock and spring combination gives you. Acura coilovers are from such companies as Ground Control, H&R, Tein and Progress.

Acura Sway bars go a long way toward making your car drive and handle the way you want. A new sway bar will decrease the amount of body roll in your Acura and change how your car handles. A combination of front and rear sway bars will add performance and adjustability to your Acura. If you need more front end bite, changing the settings on the sway bars can do that. Conversely if you want your car to be more tail happy or neutral, the sway bars can help you reach your goal. Sway bars from Progress and Suspension Techniques are on hand to help you handle better.

Strut bars go across the top of your cars shocks and connect the two towers to create a more stable and ultimately more rigid chassis. These are extremely easy to install as they come with all the hardware needed and are can be put on in less than 10 minutes.

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Buy Acura Suspension for your Acura. Your Acura can really be improved with aftermarket or custom Suspension.