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Acura Performance Parts

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Acura Performance Parts

Acura Performance Parts

Put some giddy up into your JDM styled car with some new Acura performance parts. Performance parts is a wide category and features a spectrum of parts for your Acura. From blow off valves to short shifters to turbo charger kits, we have a great range of performance parts for your Acura from manufacturers like AEM, GReddy, NX, NOS, G-Tech, DC Sports and more.

Acura Blow off valves are great for turbo cars. These are made for turbo cars so that they can expel built up internal pressure and relive the engine of that strain. These come in a variety of colors and are adjustable for mildly tuned cars or heavily modified machines. They also make a sweet noise and everyone will know that you are packing heat under the hood.

An Acura boost controller will do what its name implies. It controls the amount of boost pressure that the turbo is putting out and can be adjusted to increase the pressure or decrease it. This allows a turbo car to output more horsepower when it needs to, or go back to stock when the time calls for it.

Your Acura fuel system parts can also be enhanced with some fuel pressure regulators and high volume fuel filters and rails from AEM. These will provide the flow of fuel you need, no matter what amount of horsepower you have. And they also come in a few different colors so you can choose how to accessorize your Acura.

Acura Nitrous kits offer the performance enthusiast the most bang for their buck. Your Acura will be a screamer with horsepower gains anywhere up to 175 depending on the size of your engine! These kits are some of the best performance bargains around and a must have for your show or race Acura.

We carry many gauges for your Acura Performance upgrades. From boost to oil pressure and tachometer, we have them all for your car. Or maybe you want to see how you are actually doing and what difference your next upgrade will make. Then you need a Acura G-Tech Pro. These are perfect for measuring 0-60, horsepower, torque and those all important Gs that you are pulling and feeling like you�re behind the wheel of an NSX.

Power programmers are another great way to easily and a cheap Acura upgrade. Much like a performance chip, these programmers re-map your ECU and give your car a whole new personality. They are easy to use (simply plug them into the ALDL port under your dash) and some are even handheld and can be brought with you to change your application for the street or track.

To make your JDM Tuner run as best it can, install a high-performance Acura turbo kit. A turbo kit will completely change your ride and make your car faster. With a turbo kit, everything you need is in the package and ready for you to install. Your Acura will thank you for unleashing its full potential with a turbo kit.

As a compliment to the new turbo kit you just installed, or to go with the factory turbo, you should install a turbo timer. These keep the engine idling for a set time after the engine has been turned off to give the turbo and the oil around the engine time to cool down. This will prolong the life of the turbo and that is always a good thing.

The Acura performance part store is right here at Street Beat Customs!

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Buy Acura Performance Parts for your Acura. Your Acura can really be improved with aftermarket or custom Performance Parts.