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Acura Body Kits

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Acura Body Kits

Acura Body Kits

An Acura Body kit is a set of add-on individual body panel pieces, constructed of high-quality multi-layered fiberglass or durable and flexible ABS Plastic. These pieces replace or attach to your vehicle existing panels. Body kits typically consist of four pieces: front bumper, rear bumper and the two individual side skirts.

However, pieces of Acura body kits can be purchased separately. In addition to the traditional Acura four-piece kit, we also sell custom add-on or replacement pieces including: unique accessories, vented fenders, custom mirrors, a variety of wings & spoilers, rear and front lips, functional scoops, lightweight hoods and even fender flares. We have your Acura covered from top to bottom with our body kits.

We offer custom Acura bodykits from the best in the business and luckily, your car has some of the most extensive options available. Acura front bumpers, Rear Bumpers, JDM Acura styling and others are all available.

WingsWest has unique kits for your Acura exterior body accessories with their Big Mouth Extreme Kit, G5 Kit, their clean looking Racing Series Kit and more. Carbon Creations puts your footprint all over your custom car with real Acura carbon fiber components like hoods, fenders and more. Extreme Dimensions serves up one of kind kits for your Acura with their Buddy, Drifter & Bomber kits.

Add some flash to your tuner with bolt-on carbon fiber canards that mount easily to the edges of your Acura front bumper from Carbon Creations. They also bring you custom fender flares to make the stance of your custom car appear wider and bolt directly on your body panels.

Replacing your Acura hood could save you weight and add some style to your vehicle in seconds. The install only takes a few minutes and new GTR aluminum hood or JSP Carbon Fiber hood could improve track times by shedding a few pounds from your car.

Some of the smaller things you can do to improve your Acura exterior parts are swapping out your factory mirrors for some cool M3 mirrors. Try bolting on a custom Type H rear lip to your factory bumper to give it some added pop. Make them flip when you install Acura lambo doors. The kit is designed for the novice and if you follow instructions properly, it can only be a few hours before your doors go up when you get out of your car!

Take a look around and check out our kits you can only find here.

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Buy Acura Body Kits for your Acura. Your Acura can really be improved with aftermarket or custom Body Kits.